The project

Information about day-to-day management of the CST project, including timelines, staff and our plan for rolling-out to sites.

Is Clinical & Systems Transformation (CST) about IT?

CST is enabled by technology but driven by clinical goals – ultimately, it’s about improving patient outcomes. The standards we uphold in our work will be the same across VCH, PHSA and PHC, and will be supported by shared policies. The steps we take every day in performing our clinical work will change to make sure we’re all following best practice, based on accepted research and evidence. Having a shared clinical information system will make that easier to achieve.

How is CST different from Cerner?

CST is a broad clinical project, which includes several technical elements. These technical elements include bar-coded medication administration; front-end speech recognition; and a new, shared clinical information system, which is based on Cerner software. Here’s some more detail:

CST is a clinical transformation which is enabled by a system transformation. That means we are transforming and standardizing the way clinical work is done. These new ways of delivering patient care will be supported by a new, shared clinical information system across VCH, PHSA and PHC.

Cerner is the company that develops the clinical information system on which we are basing much of our clinical transformation. We’re configuring the software so that it works the way our clinicians need it to. It will be our very own system once we’ve finished designing it and we’re currently working on finding the right name for it.

Should we hold off implementing policy and practice changes at our sites because CST is coming?

Decisions to change an existing policy or practice are currently at the discretion of site leaders. The new clinical information system and workflows being developed through the Clinical & Systems Transformation project are still being completed and we do not yet have a complete picture of how each area will be impacted. We expect to have more detailed information about the changes once design is complete and we move into the testing sub-phase.

We suggest that you connect with the policy and practice lead at your site if you have further questions regarding policy and practice changes relating to your site. If you have a specific question for CST that might assist your decision, please send them to Jody Seerup, CST Clinical Transformation Director, or Rosa Hart, CST Clinical Informatics Director,

Have the right people been involved in design?

The team members and subject matter expert recruited to the CST design teams were chosen using multiple criteria including, but not limited to:

  • current area of work
  • skill set excellence
  • leadership potential
  • inter-organizational awareness
  • willingness to be involved in the CST project

Deliberate care was also taken to ensure appropriate representation across VCH, PHSA and PHC (including facilities, sites, specialties and relationships). Team members and subject matter experts are listed on the CST project website under Our Work.