Questions frequently asked by our physicians, midwives, nurse practitioners, clinical pharmacists and dentists.

What is the plan for physician engagement?

We understand the importance of engaging physicians and are currently working to create a provider engagement strategy. The strategy will be reviewed, endorsed and implemented by the Provider Decision Group, a team of multi-disciplinary professionals from across VCH, PHSA and PHC.

Members of the Provider Decision Group will also have a role in bringing CST information and decisions to the provider community, and collecting information and feedback to be used in decision making.

We currently provide physicians with easy access to information through the CST website and are sending regular leadership updates to physician leaders across VCH, PHSA and PHC to enable them to answer questions and cascade information. We are looking to develop tailored communications materials to support this group and will work closely with the Provider Decision Group to develop a communication strategy as part of our change management and transformational learning work.

How will CST benefit providers?

CST will deliver a broad range of benefits for our patients, care teams and organizations. Here are some of the benefits that are particularly relevant to providers (physicians, nurse practitioners, midwives, clinical pharmacists and dentists):

  • easier access to a more complete patient record and the information you need, including: protocols; decision support tools; alerts; images; labs; and records from ambulatory clinics and outpatient departments across VCH, PHSA and PHC
  • remote access to the clinical information system
  • less time spent chasing results and charts
  • increased ability to provide safe patient care
  • easier to collaborate across facilities
  • simultaneous access to information, with multiple clinicians able to access the same chart at the same time
  • richer data for improved analytics and reporting capabilities to better inform care decisions

Will we still be using verbal/telephone orders?

Yes, we will still be using verbal and telephone orders in situations where clinicians cannot input orders themselves or are not able to get to a computer or mobile device.