Scope of project

Project work includes designing and validating shared, consistent, evidence-informed clinical practices; and configuring a powerful new clinical information system. It also includes developing a comprehensive education program that will cater to the different learning needs of care providers, nurses, and ancillary and support staff across VCH, PHSA and PHC.

Final testing work will take place when the configuration of the new clinical information system is complete. Testing has been designed to ensure that the new integrated clinical information system is robust, fit for purpose and adheres to safety and quality guidelines.

The new standardized clinical practices and the clinical information system will roll out to facilities across VCH, PHSA and PHC starting with the Lions Gate Hospital/Sea-to-Sky group of sites. As a foundation for this work, the Vancouver Pharmacy Production Centre opened in fall 2016.

What will change?

About the new clinical information system

VCH, PHSA and PHC are implementing a shared clinical information system based on software developed by Cerner. The new system, called CST Cerner, will consolidate patient data from over 50 current systems into one electronic health record.

What this means for health professionals

  • An electronic patient chart means no more searching for the chart, writing orders on paper, or deciphering handwriting.
  • Easy-to-access information about the patient’s condition, allergies, medications and previous medical history.
  • Ability to see a patient’s chart when they’re still in the Emergency Department, before they have arrived on a hospital unit.

How Things Will Change

Standardized Clinical Content

Shared and Improved Processes

Better Use of Technology