Project Board

The Project Board is composed of a senior leadership team from the Ministry of Health (MoH), VCH, PHSA and PHC, responsible for overseeing, endorsing and deciding on various aspects of the Clinical and System Transformation project (CST Project).

The Project Board areas of responsibility include:

  • Defining the strategy and direction for the CST project;
  • Prioritization and allocation of key resources for initiatives related to the CST project;
  • Endorsement of project scope, schedule, and budget;
  • Ensuring compliance and monitoring mechanisms are in place to monitor and verify adherence to scope, schedule, and budget; and
  • Ensuring the project achieves the intended clinical and other benefits.

The Project Board has overall accountability for the delivery of the CST Project, with the objectives of providing overall direction; oversight; strategy on roles, responsibilities, processes, standards and policies; and ensuring collective, transparent decision-making on behalf of VCH, PHSA and PHC while mitigating risk.


Project Board voting members

  • Wynne Powell, CST Chair & Special Advisor to the Health Minister 
  • Sabine Feulgen, Associate Deputy Minister, MoH (Vice-Chair)
  • Mary Ackenhusen, President and CEO, VCH
  • Carl Roy, President and CEO, PHSA

Project Board non-voting members

  • Fiona Dalton, President and CEO, PHC
  • Ryan Gerard, Chief Transformation Officer (Steering Committee Chair)
  • Tena Vandenberg, Financial Manager
  • Independent Technical Advisor – Vacant