Implementation support team

The implementation team are working closely with their colleagues in VCH, PHSA and PHC to put in place the new clinical processes, to manage the practical implications of the changes, and to make sure everything runs smoothly once the changes are complete.

Implementation support will be available before, during and after go-live to ensure that everything works the way that it’s supposed to for clinicians and patients.

During the implementation period, various teams will be on site to provide training and support as needed at the point of care. These teams will consist of unit-based “peer mentors,” CST instructors, and application support specialists. They will have the skills and expertise to answer questions, and to provide technical expertise and at-the-elbow support to staff and providers during the critical period after the new system is implemented. The team will be supported by “Command Centres” with experts available to resolve any issues that arise. As staff become familiar with the new system and workflows, the support model will transition into a stabilization period to ensure staff are supported before, during and after the change.

The implementation team is also working on processes for decommissioning systems that will be retired after go-live, archiving data from those systems and making sure any data that may be needed in the future will be accessible.

These teams include many skilled professionals from VCH, PHSA and PHC and bring together a broad range of expertise, skills and knowledge. Learn more about career opportunities.