Find out what staff and physicians say about how CST will make things better. You can also download posters featuring staff and physicians.

Vancouver Coastal Health

  • All Thanks to a Broken Fibula: Profile of Phil Sweeney (Physiotherapy)
    - “Everyone is going to be able to read what everyone else is writing.”
  • CST Will Help VCH Employee Reach True North Goals: Profile of Ramakanth Gade (Richmond)
    - “This will help analysts like me access real-time information and identify problems.”
  • Dedicated to Sea to Sky: Profile of Cindy Sellers (Squamish and Sea to Sky)
    - “Making care consistent across our facilities will give us the best practice.”
  • Making CST Personal: Profile of Caroline Heisler (Corporate Office)
    - “You know the right patient will get the right dose at the right time.”
  • Reducing Patient Gridlock: Profile of Johanne Collazo (Lions Gate)
    - “It’s going to help patients move along more smoothly as they have their surgery.”
  • The Waiting Game is Over: Profile of Dana Pierce (Sechelt)
    - “I want a person’s history to pop up when they present to ER…”
  • Why Yeonjoo Kwon is Excited About the Future (Lions Gate)
    - “I really honestly believe that CST will bring about a better future in our health care system.”

Provincial Health Services Authority

Providence Health Care

  • A Doctor Gets Real About CST: Profile of Dr. Charles Lo, anesthesiologist (St. Paul's and Mount St. Joseph)
    - “There’s an opportunity here to do great things, and there’s a lot of potential for innovation.”
  • Giving Nothing Less than Excellence: Profile of Shelley Fraser (Professional Practice; now at VCH)
    - “It will completely transform the way we deliver care. It’s exciting to be part of the team supporting the change.”
  • Going Electronic a Must: Profile of Victoria Morris (Mount St. Joseph)
    - “It’s a passion of mine because I’ve seen how great it is and how well it works for both for physicians and nurses.”
  • Going Paper-Light is a Huge Leap Forward: Profile of Brenda McKnight (Holy Family)
    - “I think we needed to make this move and get on board with electronic documentation. It is the way to go.”
  • Making a Difference with CST: Profile of Eric Starr (St. Paul’s)
    - “Documentation will be available to everyone taking care of the patient. They won’t be asking, ‘Who’s got the chart?’”