Steering Committee

The CST Project Steering Committee has a responsibility to implement the CST project on behalf of and as delegated by the CST Project Board while fostering the CST Project’s short and long-term success. This is consistent with the Board’s responsibility to the Health Organizations' Boards and to the Province of British Columbia, giving consideration to the legitimate interests held by other stakeholders including employees, physicians, suppliers, communities, and the public.

The CST Steering Committee is a decision-making body that provides strategic and tactical leadership and direction to the project workstreams and associated Decision Groups. The CST Steering Committee is responsible for ensuring that the decisions made reflect the strategic direction provided by the Project Board and that the direction provided promotes evidence-based practices that are safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient-centric.

The CST Steering Committee areas of responsibility include:

  • Providing leadership and direction for CST project workstreams;
  • Providing oversight and key decision-making for the CST project to ensure adherence to the agreed upon project scope, schedule, and budget;
  • Decision-making that has impact and dependencies on more than one workstream;
  • Providing strategic recommendations and impact assessments related to the proposed changes in overall project scope, schedule, budget, and presentation of associated decision points at the Project Board and Steering Committee level; and
  • Providing strategic recommendations related to stakeholder engagement and communications.


CST Steering Committee voting members

  • Chief Transformation Officer, CST Project (Chair)
  • Chief Clinical Information Officer, CST Project
  • Chief Information Officer, PHSA
  • CST Project Chief Financial Officer, VCH
  • Vice President, CST and Technology Solutions, VCH
  • Vice President, CST & Special Projects, PHSA
  • VP Clinical & Systems Transformation and HIM, PHC
  • Assistant Deputy Minister – Health Sector IM/IT, Ministry of Health
  • Chief Nursing Officer, VCH

CST Steering Committee non-voting members

  • Project Management Office Director, CST Project
  • Chief Architect, PHSA
  • ‎Director, Risk Management, Patient Relations and Patient Safety, PHC
  • CST Project Chief Communications Officer, PHSA
  • Cerner Consulting Representative(s)