CST peer mentors, educators ready to WOW their units with device show ‘n’ tells at LGH

The Workstation on Wheels (WOW) show n’ tells across Lions Gate Hospital have begun in earnest in preparation for CST go-live in 2018.

Over the next number of weeks, educators and CST peer mentors will be providing device show n’ tells to staff across the hospital. Last week, Bart Bielec, wheeled a cart up to ICU while Tammy Raesler, Clinical Educator Care Cardiac, provided a show n’ tell on 2E earlier this week.

The WOW cart will be used in both acute and non-acute environments within the hospital. 

Linda Latham, Clinical Nurse Educator for Mental Health and Substance Use, signed out an Ergotron WOW cart from the CST Hub and took it up to HOpe4. Staff were receptive and excited to learn how it works, she says.

“Like all nurses they began to ask questions related to the work flow using the new technology,” says Linda. “We listed a number of questions that will be part of the frequently asked questions flyer.”

During the show ‘n’ tell, the educators explained the functions of the WOW, barcode scanners and walked through the cart features, usability, ergonomics, safety, power management, and cleaning and disinfection.

WOW features

  • Keyboard light for working in dark spaces
  • Battery operated, no cords required
  • Key and code access to secure items (MDCs and Nursing Carts only)
  • Washable Seal Shield mouse and keyboard

Barcode scanner features

  • Charging base
  • Wireless
  • Adjustable volumes and lights for working in dark or sensitive environment
  • Usability & Ergonomics
  • The cart height should be adjusted by each user:
  • The keyboard to be at elbow height
  • Your wrists remain straight when typing and holding the mouse
  • The monitor (Tangent screen) just below eye level and approximately an arm’s length away


  • Ensure wheel breaks are engaged before attempting to adjusting the WOW
  • Ensure that the WOW has been adjusted to meet their specific ergonomic needs
  • Adjust the Tangent screen as necessary to ensure a clear, safe path when walking with the device

Questions? Contact info@CSTproject.ca