Sabina Deol lends BC Cancer Agency expertise to CST

When a young Sabina Deol was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, her reply was “a nurse.”

Sabina started her nursing education immediately after high school and before she knew it, she was hired as a Nursing Unit Coordinator with the BC Cancer Agency (BCCA).

Having started at the BCCA’s Vancouver Centre location in 2002, Sabina had no plans to do anything else. That is, until she heard of a project called Clinical & Systems Transformation (CST).

“I think that it is a change for the better because the goal is to provide a patient experience that is safer and more seamless than it is now,” says Sabina.

Twelve years after starting with BCCA, she made the difficult decision to take a leave of absence from her job to work on the CST project.

Drawing on her years of nursing experience, Sabina accepted the role of Senior Scheduler/Associate Lead with the Patient Scheduling design team.

“It is exciting to think that we are a part of such a large scale project that will affect patient care in BC in such a positive manner,” she says.

Sabina’s frontline experience has been of great value during the CST design sessions and team discussions. She says it helps ensure the needs of frontline staff are addressed with the implementation of the new clinical information system.

Sabina plans to go back to nursing eventually. For now, she’s looking forward to the project offering a platform to provide a better patient experience. It’s just one more way she’s contributing to the profession she loves.

“I think there are great benefits of CST for myself as a Nursing Unit Coordinator, but also as a patient,” she says. “Some of these benefits are easier and faster access to information, consistency across multiple sites and most of all, providing a better and safer patient experience.” 

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