Together with the CST governance committees, the experienced leadership team listed below manages the project.

Michael Long

Chief Transformation Officer 

Owen Haley

Owen Haley

Project Director 

Dr. Patrick O'Connor

CST Executive Sponsor and Vice President Medicine, VCH

Dr. Nick Foster

CST Executive Sponsor and Vice President Consolidated Services, CST and Special Projects, PHSA 

Yoel Robens-Paradise

CST Executive Sponsor and Vice President CST and Health Information Management, PHC

Ron Quirk

Chief Information Officer

Dr. Eric Grafstein

Chief Medical Information Officer, VCH/PHC

Dr. Alain Gagnon

Chief Medical Information Officer, PHSA

Elizabeth Stanger

Elizabeth Stanger

Executive Director CST Coastal Community of Care, VCH

Vicky Crompton

CST Executive Director and Transformation Lead, PHSA

Grant McCullough

Director, Clinical Transformation