User acceptance testing

This is formal validation with respect to user needs, requirements and business processes. During user acceptance, staff from VCH, PHSA and PHC perform a series of activities to validate that the delivered system (including internal and external interfaces and integrated applications) is ready for operational use.

We will develop test scenarios for user acceptance that are pertinent to the clinical complexities and workflows of the facilities that are next to go live. This includes test scenarios in which electronic continuity is interrupted and some work remains on paper.

 An 89-year-old female is transferred from a clinic with fever, cough and O2 sats of 89%. A chest x-ray shows right lower lobe infiltrate and the patient is admitted directly. She is treated for pneumonia and discharged two days later to home; A 64-year-old comes to the Emergency Department complaining of chest pain and has a Muse system EKG whose interfaced report, complete with rhythm strip, shows an ST elevation indicative of a myocardial infarction. Results from the SunQuest lab interface reveal an elevated troponin level and the patient is admitted to the Critical Care Unit