This team empowers end-users to access the new clinical information system with the right device in the right place at the right time, seamlessly and efficiently.

Through diligent clinical, business and technical requirements-gathering and analysis, the team designs, creates and verifies a Device List. This list is backed up with robust supporting technologies and sustainable procurement and operations models.

Configurability and user experience are being considered at every step. Arriving at the proposed device list involved approximately 500 tests over two weeks. The 70 participants from 40 clinical disciplines traveled 10 kilometres with workstation on wheels carts and performed over 8,600 barcode scans.

Devices include workstations on wheels, medication delivery carts, barcode scanners, label printers, laser printers, document scanners, tracking boards, tap-and-go readers, and desktop and laptop computers.

The Device Team also provides site assessment and consultation services to help guide purchasing and deployment of devices that align with enterprise future-state workflow, while meeting environmental and budgetary needs.

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