Training + support

Education and training

Staff, physicians, students and non-employees who are impacted by CST will receive education prior to implementation of the new clinical information system. Education will be based on roles and workflows, and there will be an opportunity to practice before transitioning to the new clinical information system. A variety of learning approaches will be provided to support multiple audiences with different needs.

Users of the system will attend a combination of self-paced online learning sessions and specialized classroom training. Formal education delivery will typically start about 6-8 weeks prior to the implementation of the new clinical information system. This education will be complemented by hands-on practice with the new system, both in and out of the classroom, as well as tools and resources to support education on the unit before and after the go-live periods. New clinical policies and practice changes will further support the clinical transformation and build a foundation for supporting staff through the change.

On-site user support

During the implementation period, various teams will be on site to provide support and training as needed at the point of care. These teams will consist of unit-based “peer mentors,” CST instructors, and application support specialists. They will have the skills and expertise to answer questions, and to provide technical expertise and at-the-elbow support to staff and providers during the critical period after the new system is implemented. The team will be supported by “Command Centres” with experts available to resolve any issues that arise. As staff become familiar with the new system and workflows, the support model will transition into a stabilization period to ensure staff are supported before, during and after the change.