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The Clinical & Systems Transformation (CST) project is a joint undertaking between Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) and Providence Health Care (PHC) to complete a significant transformation of clinical practices and systems. VCH, PHSA and PHC and our academic partners share responsibility for preparing students for the transformed workplace.

As part of this transformation, the CST Cerner clinical information system will be implemented at around 40 facilities across VCH, PHSA and PHC. To prepare for clinical placements at sites using CST Cerner, students will need to complete eLearning and in-person classroom training.

Please review the information below:

Pre-placement Process

  1. Placement Coordinators to enter student information into HSPnet at least four weeks before placement start date.
  2. CST Learning will pull HSPnet reports four weeks before placement start date to plan for necessary training sessions.
  3. CST Learning will reach out to Placement Coordinators to schedule in students for CST training session.
  4. Placement Coordinators to forward “Student CST Checklist” and training details to student.
  5. Student reviews Checklist and takes steps to prepare for their CST training session:
    • Create LearningHub account
    • Have health authority network account/user ID (ADID) ready
  6. Student completes eLearning prior to CST classroom training.
  7. Student attends and passes CST classroom training (if applicable).
  8. Student has access to CST Cerner for duration of placement.

Student CST Checklist

[Download the CST Training Checklist for Students (Non-Provider)]

  1. Outlines how a student can prepare for their CST training session
  2. Who should read this? Students
  3. Key takeaways/actions required: 
    • Students need to have their health authority network account/user ID (ADID) ready for day of classroom training; logins will be tested at the end of class.
    • Students need to ensure they have a LearningHub account created under their academic email address.
    • Students need to complete eLearning modules prior to classroom training.

Health Authority Network Account/User ID (ADID)

You must have your Health Authority Network Account/User ID from when you arrive on site for classroom training. It will be sent to your academic email (e.g. within four weeks of your placement start date. If you have not received this email, contact the Service Desk for your health organization.


Access to LearningHub will be required for all CST eModules. Make sure your LearningHub profile is up-to-date and linked to your academic email address. Login to LearningHub >


Have CST Cerner training questions? Contact CST Learning at


I'm a placement coordinator/clinical instructor. Where do I find the most recent CST updates?
Please refer to the emails provided by CST Learning, visit the Student Practice Education webpages for VCH, PHSA or PHC, and check back on this webpage.
What is the impact on training if placement information is entered into HSPnet less than four weeks prior to the start date?
Student(s) may not be able to attend the earliest training date as it is difficult to accommodate last minute entries/changes due to limited training sessions and seats. This will impact the student(s) access to the CST Cerner system and their ability to perform the duties in their placement. If last minute entries/changes are made, please email right away and CST Learning will schedule the student into the next available training session.


What if a student does not pass the assessment for a classroom session?
CST Learning will reach out to the relevant placement coordinator to reschedule another classroom session for the student. 
Do clinical instructors need to attend CST classroom training with their students?
Yes, clinical instructors need to attend the training session with their student groups even if they already completed the training themselves. 
How do clinical instructors get registered for training? 
Instructors are scheduled in the same manner as students; CST Learning will reach out to academic placement coordinators to organize training. 
What training do instructors need to complete in order to get access to CST Cerner?
Clinical instructors need to attend the training session with their student groups in addition to completing training themselves.