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Clinical & Systems Transformation (CST) is a joint undertaking between Vancouver Coastal Health, the Provincial Health Services Authority and Providence Health Care to complete a significant transformation of clinical practices and systems.

By the time this year’s incoming health care students graduate, the way we work across VCH, PHSA and PHC will be different. Our staff will have had the support and training to work in a new environment, but what about the new graduates, our staff members of the future? How can we make sure they are ready for the changes that are coming?

VCH, PHSA and PHC and our academic partners share responsibility for preparing students for the transformed workplace by making sure they have knowledge of:

  • health informatics;
  • interprofessional accountabilities;
  • new clinical protocols; and
  • new devices.

As an academic leader or faculty member, you play a key role in guiding and supporting students through the changes and transitions related to CST.    

Orientation, hands-on practice and one-to-one coaching are key to quality care delivery on the job.

Take a look at the article Not too Cool for School: CST connects with academic institutions to find out more.


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