Articles and updates from the Clinical & Systems Transformation project.

Oct. 17, 2017

The Clinical & Systems Transformation (CST) project is proud to present a new audio podcast, The Doctors Are In.

In our pilot episode, Dr. Eric Grafstein, the project's Chief Medical Information Officer for VCH/PHC, has a candid conversation with Dr. Phil Shin, North York General Hospital’s Chief of Medicine and Medical Director of Critical Care, about his hospital’s implementation of a new clinical information system, which began in 2012.

Have a listen and stay tuned for more episodes. 

Sep. 25, 2017

In a room filled with physicians, nurses, allied professionals and pharmacists, the future of health care is starting to come into focus.

As part of ensuring that our new clinical information system will work for us, health professionals from across VCH, PHSA and PHC are being brought together to take a close look at system functionality. They're also giving invaluable feedback on the workflows that will become part of our future.

Sep. 10, 2017

Tiffany's patient journey

Tiffany Trownson has a personal stake in the Clinical & Systems Transformation (CST) project.  She experienced the nightmare of sepsis firsthand, and lived to tell the tale. 

“My mother worked in the hospital my whole life,” says Tiffany. “We had this policy in the house that you never go to emergency if you have the flu.”

Sep. 6, 2017

Login to LearningHub

Training is a key component of implementing the CST project to ensure physicians, clinicians and other staff members have the knowledge and practice they need to confidently use the new clinical information system and associated workflows before it goes live.

Jul. 6, 2017

The Workstation on Wheels (WOW) show n’ tells across Lions Gate Hospital have begun in earnest in preparation for CST go-live in 2018.

Over the next number of weeks, educators and CST peer mentors will be providing device show n’ tells to staff across the hospital. Last week, Bart Bielec, wheeled a cart up to ICU while Tammy Raesler, Clinical Educator Care Cardiac, provided a show n’ tell on 2E earlier this week.

The WOW cart will be used in both acute and non-acute environments within the hospital.