Information about how training and support will work for sites implementing CST.  

How will staff be supported in the lead-up to implementation?

Preparing staff for the new clinical practices and technology is a significant undertaking.

An Integrated Site Plan will be tailored for each site and will cover what needs to be done before a site goes live with a new clinical information system. To help achieve our goal, we will establish specialized teams to work with and support local staff in the implementation. These teams will develop strategies that include a range of activities to support leaders and their staff through this large-scale transformation project. 


What is the plan for training?
A variety of learning approaches will support clinicians and providers with their CST Cerner training, including the following:
  • eLearning Modules: Foundational eLearning modules introduce the look, feel and basic screens in the new system, including concepts, tools and workflows.
  • Self-Directed Online Learning: Mandatory self-paced online learning to give you the knowledge and hands-on skills to be successful. An assessment will take place at the end of online learning.
  • Facilitated Workflow Reviews: Mandatory review of high-priority workflows including patient transitions.
  • Skill Sharpeners: One-to-one or in small groups role-and scenario-based practice sessions. These sessions mimic “day in a life activities” within the CST Cerner system.
  • Personalization & Access Session (providers only): Mandatory session to test your access to the system and set up your provider preferences with a CST Cerner expert.
How will provider champions help providers get ready for CST?
Provider champions (physicians, midwives, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and dentists) will be supporting providers in the following ways:
  • Working with clinical informatics specialists to represent their colleagues in clinical specialties for design and validation work
  • Communicating needs and concerns of clinical groups with the CST project team
  • Sharing CST project updates at division or department meetings and directly with peers
  • Contributing to critical pre go-live activities
  • Helping lead CST Cerner demonstrations, skill sharpeners, dress rehearsals, and inform provider learning curriculum
  • Providing on-site support for physicians and other providers during  the go-live period
How will clinical informatics specialists help get sites ready for CST?
Clinical informatics specialists will play an essential role in getting sites ready for CST. They are on the front line of our transformation. Their responsibilities include the following:
  • Being a conduit, or bridge, between sites and CST to ensure the system and changes work for us
  • Introducing key concepts to staff through workflow reviews, skills sharpeners and demos
  • Working in tandem with physician champions to guide staff through the changes
  • Contributing to critical activities before go-live
  • Providing on-site support for staff and physicians during go-live
  • Championing CST implementations across Vancouver Coastal Health, the Provincial Health Services Authority and Providence Health Care sites to 'pay it forward and pay it back'