Partnership with Oracle Health

Oracle Health (previously Cerner), the provider of the software being implemented as part of the CST project, has been contracted to provide implementation expertise to assist the team in completing the project.

This is a new approach with our health organization people leading and delivering the project, supported by Oracle Health. This model is building self-sufficiency, skills and capacity within our own teams at VCH, PHSA and PHC, and allows us to focus deeply on clinical and operational needs.

Oracle Health has a history of hundreds of successful implementations across North America and worldwide. Oracle Health software is already in use in BC as the regional clinical information system across Island Health and Northern Health, and is used in some facilities within PHSA and VCH. Most recently, Oracle Health was also chosen by the US Department of Defense to upgrade one of the largest and most complex clinical information systems in the world.

NOTE: On June 8, 2022 Oracle Corporation announced the completion of its acquisition of Cerner. Because Cerner’s clinical system was already running on the Oracle Database, there was no change.