Clinical reports distribution to health care providers

To support the Clinical & Systems Transformation, a shared clinical information system is being implemented at hospitals and sites across Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) and Providence Health Care (PHC). The system, called CST Cerner, will increase the ease and volume of patient reports that are distributed to private practices from hospital sites.

As the CST Cerner system rolls out, changes are being made to the electronic distribution of reports to health care providers. These distributions will be done through our results distribution partner, Excelleris, via the preferred delivery method you have registered with them. Visit the activation schedule to see which sites have implemented CST. 

Electronic distribution of reports supports the delivery of high-quality care for your patients and reduces the care provider’s reliance on paper and faxes.

What’s changing

  • Medical Imaging and Cardiology reports will now be delivered via Excelleris.
  • The categorization of clinical reports will be enhanced, increasing the number of available report types to over 300. Click here for examples.
  • Your EMR will have the opportunity to consume reports with Discrete Data, which can enable you to better search for information, see more trend values with greater ease, and enable automated workflows. Click here for more information.
  • Some clinical reports will be in PDF format, making it easier for you to read. Authors will also be allowed to add charts and graphs.
  • Distribution by Canada Post mail/Medi-Tran courier is being phased out in favour of delivery to your EMR, Launchpad (Excelleris’ web portal), or fax.

Discontinuing the distribution of paper

Under the direction of the Electronic Results Distribution Executive Steering Committee — with representation across VCH, PHSA, PHC, Fraser Health Authority, and Island Health — together with Excelleris, mail/courier report delivery is being phased out, starting with providers who need to be sent Cardiology reports from PHC, Lions Gate Hospital, and Squamish General Hospital. Please be advised that this discontinuation of mail/courier distribution will soon impact all reports. You will receive more information about this closer to the transition.

Please Note: As Cardiology reports are currently faxed to you, if your distribution preference with Excelleris is for paper, you will be required to switch to another electronic channel (EMR, Launchpad, or fax). This change will affect all of the reports you receive from Excelleris. Please contact Excelleris immediately to set up your preferred delivery method to ensure there is no delay in the delivery of these reports. For support with Excelleris registration, please contact Excelleris Support via email at or by phone at 1-866-728-4777.

This approach reflects the Ministry of Health’s strategic priorities to deliver a system of responsive, effective health care services for patients across British Columbia. In addition, the health authorities are implementing new systems in hospitals that are designed to exchange information seamlessly and reliably, enabling the use of a single distribution partner, Excelleris, with multiple electronic delivery options for you. With electronic reports distribution:

  • You will have instant access to reports as soon as they are available, long before you receive your mail distributions, enhancing the quality of patient care.
  • You will spend less time on manual workarounds, including scanning paper faxes for inclusion into your EMR and keeping track of loose papers.
  • You and your patients are protected with improved quality and confidence that reports are viewed, actioned, and delivered to the correct provider.



For help with specific distribution issues, please contact the department or group listed on the report. For support with Excelleris registration, please contact Excelleris Support via email at or by phone at 1-866-728-4777. Please contact Excelleris immediately to set up your preferred delivery method to make sure there is no delay in delivery of these reports.