CST project staff support opening of Red Fish Healing Centre for Mental Health and Addiction

Final preparations were completed over the past week to move both clients and staff from the Burnaby Centre for Mental Health and Addiction to their new facility: Red Fish Healing Centre for Mental Health and Addiction, which opened its doors on October 12 (read the POD story).

The CST team worked closely with the BCMHSUS team to successfully bring Burnaby Centre onto the CST Cerner system and related practice changes on December 8, 2019. For the Red Fish CST implementation, which involved moving an existing site already live with CST Cerner to a new facility (a first for the CST project), the CST team has been and will be supporting in a few different ways:

  • More than 60 design and build changes were completed by CST design teams for areas such as acute care, medication management, Health Information Management (HIM) and registration.
  • The CST device team was involved in three key ways:
    1. In the early stages of the Red Fish redevelopment, they incorporated CST requirements into the build plan of the new facility, including making recommendations on space and power requirements. 
    2. They also installed computers with the 724Access Downtime Viewer ─ an application used during downtime (planned or unplanned) to access “read-only” historical clinical data from the client’s record. Red Fish Healing Centre is the first CST site to install a special uninterrupted power supply for this purpose rather than use an external battery. 
    3. They were involved in carefully monitoring hardware transfer for devices such as workstations on wheels (WOWs), medication delivery carts (MDCs). This was important to avoid any disruptions at the Burnaby Centre.
  • In lead up to the October 12 go-live, the CST project team provided remote support for the facility transfer and cutover activities. This included supporting the move of clients from the CST Cerner system at the Burnaby Centre to the new system at Red Fish Healing Centre.
  • From October 12 to 17, a support team of approx. 20 remote CST project team members are available to help mitigate any issues.