Forensic Regional Clinics & Programs joins other BCMHSUS facilities on electronic health records system

At the beginning of June, Forensic Regional Clinics & Programs (FRCP) became the latest BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services (BCMHSUS) site to transition to the shared electronic health records system, CST Cerner. At the same time, BCMHSUS also launched the Forensic Legal Application Solution for Healthcare (FLASH) at the clinics and programs, a key requirement for the system’s rollout (find out more about FLASH below).

This marks the first truly province-wide activation of CST Cerner, with FRCP encompassing seven regional clinics located across B.C., in addition to a number of satellites. This unique implementation involved establishing new ways of working for CST and partners, including a learning program and support model that saw staff travel across the province to offer in-person training and go-live support.

CST Cerner and related clinical practice changes are designed to improve the quality, safety and consistency of patient and client care across B.C. Patients and clients receiving care at BCMHSUS facilities using CST Cerner – which also includes Forensic Psychiatric Hospital, the Red Fish Healing Centre for Mental Health and Addiction, and Heartwood Centre for Women – can expect an enhanced experience.

What this means for FRCP

FRCP clients can expect truly modernized care with CST Cerner and FLASH. They can now rely on safer medication management through computerized provider order entry and electronic medication administration documentation, with orders no longer being written on paper. Meanwhile, staff and providers have easier access to information about clients’ conditions, allergies, medications, investigations and previous medical history. They will no longer have to search for charts or decipher handwriting.

When needed, providers at other B.C. health authorities not using CST Cerner can access “read-only” versions of client medical records through CareConnect, the Provincial eHealth Viewer. Providers who have privileges at Provincial Health Services Authority, Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence Health Care hospitals can view CST Cerner from anywhere, and Forensic Psychiatric Services providers can also access FLASH from anywhere. Built-in privacy and security features ensure client information is secure and only accessible by those who need to see it as part of providing care.

FLASH, which contains a client’s legal documents and information such as legal status, review board reports, and court reports, is only available to Forensics staff and providers. A client’s legal information in FLASH and clinical data in CST Cerner are separated to preserve client confidentiality and will not be shared with other health authorities or via CareConnect.

The rollout of CST Cerner and FLASH at FRCP represents another significant milestone in modernizing health care across the province.

The overall number of CST Cerner users is now more than 42,000 across Vancouver Coastal Health, Provincial Health Services Authority and Providence Health Care. Learn more.