Fourth BC Cancer centre went live with CST Cerner in Surrey

Another CST project milestone within BC Cancer was achieved on May 21, 2024, when BC Cancer – Surrey successfully transitioned to CST Cerner, the integrated electronic health records system.

This go-live is part of a broader rollout plan that will see all BC Cancer centres across the province adopting CST Cerner to improve patient care.

As a result of this transition, patients at BC Cancer – Surrey and other CST Cerner facilities can look forward to an improved care experience. Their healthcare teams will have instant and seamless access to patient records, leading to safer medication management, quicker access to lab results and treatments, and a reduction in the need to repeat information or undergoing redundant tests. Staff and physicians will have up-to-date health records readily available, allowing care teams to devote more time to patients’ individual care.

Surrey is the fourth BC Cancer centre to adopt CST Cerner, after Vancouver, Prince George and Abbotsford. These centres, along with other CST Cerner health care facilities at the Provincial Health Services Authority, Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence Health Care are enhancing connectivity between all sites using the same system. There is now a network over 42,000 health care professionals at more than 45 facilities and 450 clinics with real-time access to patient records and critical health information.

Lessons learned from previous go-lives at other BC Cancer centres paved the way for a smooth implementation in Surrey. The successful transition also saw the dedication of approximately 400 staff and physicians who have been trained to use the new system and are now better equipped to provide care that addresses the unique needs and experiences of each patient.

As BC Cancer’s Victoria centre and Nanaimo Community Oncology Network site prepare to go live in September 2024, the CST project continues to enhance connectivity between medical sites in B.C., heralding a future that benefits even more patients and their families with safer, seamless care.

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