Going electronic a must: Profile of Victoria Morris

Victoria Morris moved to Vancouver on a whim and hasn’t looked back. Originally from Ontario, the registered nurse soon found a job with Providence Health Care. 

Five years later, she accepted the role of clinical nurse educator for the Medicine and Ambulatory clinics at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital. 

“I love that I can keep people excited about some of the new stuff that’s going on, and I also get to sit with people when they’re a little more vulnerable and asking for help,” she says.

When the opportunity to work on the Clinical & Systems Transformation (CST) project came along, Victoria made the tough decision to temporarily leave her job. For nearly a year, she has been a part of the Inpatient Orders and Results team and helped design CST’s new clinical information system.

She knows the benefits of going electronic, because that’s all she knew in Ontario. 

“Before I came to Vancouver, I never actually had to physically write in a chart. It was a whole new world here. So, when I heard there was an opportunity to be involved in CST, I jumped at it. It’s a passion of mine because I’ve seen how great it is and how well it works for both for physicians and nurses.”

She is excited about sharing patient records across VCH, PHSA and PHC and about computerized provider order entry (CPOE) – where orders are entered electronically instead of written down. Another benefit is nurses and physicians being able to see the same patient information from anywhere.

Although Victoria has been away from Mount Saint Joseph for nearly a year, she still feels connected to it. She says everyone takes care of each other there – like a family. When she returns to her job at the hospital, she’s going to be helping staff to go forth and conquer with CST.

“Like anything, it’s scary when you first start because it’s new. But there are many bedside practitioners involved in the design and build of this, and it’s quite an amazing system – well thought-out and I truly believe it’s going to be easy to pick up.”