Make a listening appointment: 'The Doctors Are In'


Are you curious what it’s like to flip the switch and go live with a clinical information system? Then make an appointment to listen to this new CST audio podcast.

In The Doctors Are In, the CST Audio Network’s debut podcast, Dr. Eric Grafstein – CST’s Chief Medical Information Officer for VCH/PHC – talks to physicians from Canadian hospitals that have successfully made the jump over to a new clinical information system.

In this episode, Dr. Grafstein is joined by CMIO Dr. Geoff Heseltine from Ontario’s Cornwall Community Hospital for a candid discussion on his hospital's recent go-live experiences, including how they got ready and how things changed.

This seven-minute conversation is the first of three parts. In next week’s episode Dr. Grafstein and Dr. Heseltine talk about the “valley of despair” involved with adapting to a new system and how productivity was impacted after go-live.

Please have a listen and let us know what you think at:

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