New VCH Southeast Urgent Primary Care Centre opens with CST Cerner

​As of March 29, 2022, people in southeast Vancouver will have increased access to team-based every-day health care with a new Southeast Urgent and Primary Care Centre (SE UPCC). The new SE UPCC will serve residents in the Vancouver neighbourhoods of Sunset, Victoria-Fraserview, Killarney and Marpole-Oakridge. Read more on oneVCH News>

Similar to VCH Northeast UPCC (NE UPCC), which in 2021 was the first community-based site to use CST Cerner followed by the Richmond temporary UPCC later that year, the new SE UPCC utilizes this shared electronic health record system. Among the many benefits for patients, this means that staff and providers can access one patient chart and view test results and documentation shared with multiple acute care hospitals and ambulatory locations.

CST Director Brenda Hearn was the CST project team lead for this go-live. "Both CST and VCH Community Informatics have settled into a very complementary relationship. The work to put CST Cerner in place at SE UPCC was largely site led and facilitated by the VCH Community Informatics team members with the support of the CST project team for build and activation deliverables," said Brenda.

A major advantage for this go-live was having peer mentor support staff from NE and Richmond UPCCs. Provider supports were also recruited from NE UPCC. These experienced team members helped staff at the new site get ready by facilitating training, and they are now providing at-the-elbow support to both staff and providers. 

Together in partnership with VCH Informatics, the CST project team will be able to leverage the work completed for the NE UPCC system design for the upcoming Richmond permanent UPCC go-live slated for April 25, 2022.