Patient Experience Week – A first-hand CST patient story

​Patient Experience Week (April 25-29) celebrates healthcare staff who impact the patient experience everyday. With project drivers such as patient safety first and best way, every day, the Clinical & Systems Transformation (CST) project aims to improve the safety, quality and consistency of patient care.

These improvements in care are made possible by processes introduced with CST Cerner such as Closed Loop Medication Management (CLMM). This electronic medication management process supports the documentation and verification of all relevant patient information, from the moment an order is placed, to the time the medication is administered. It helps ensure that the right medication and dose is given to the right patient at the right time. Watch the video here. Such processes have been shown to reduce the number of reported adverse drug events by 23-56%.[1][2]

In a recent visit to BC Children's Hospital, patient Kadence Wilson and her mother Kory Wilson, experienced the reassurance provided by CLMM first-hand. "At BC Children's Hospital, every time my daughter needed medication, they would scan the band on her arm to ensure she was the right patient getting the right medication," explains Kory.

Kory also shared her excitement. "The scanning process and system as a whole allows for more security and increased safety precautions, which will result in less human error and make things more efficient overall. It's fantastic. It's about time."

Behind-the-scenes medication administration is also documented as part of the patient's electronic record. This means that other providers working with the patient are able to view exactly what treatment they received, and when they received it, leading to more informed care decisions.


[2] GE Healthcare