VCH-Vancouver is transitioning to CST Cerner: This is why

Leaders, providers, clinicians and staff across VCH-Vancouver are beginning to prepare for our fall 2022 implementation of CST Cerner, a shared system that will transform health care systems and processes to improve care for our patients and residents. Watch this video to hear from your leaders and colleagues who speak to the importance of this transformation, including switching from paper-based charts and old systems to CST Cerner.

"This is bigger than just us," says Dr. Vinay Dhingra, Senior Medical Director, Vancouver Acute Services & Physician Lead, CST, Vancouver. "This is bigger than just our organization. This is how can we provide the best care for our population."

"Currently in our paper systems there's a lot of things around transcription errors around Can I read it? Can I know what the medication is that I've ordered?" Dr. Dhingra continues. "[With CST Cerner] it's very clear. It fundamentally improves the communication around what I want ordered and who's on the receiving side of that order."

Watch the video to hear more from Dr. Dhingra and others on other benefits CST Cerner will bring including additional patient safety features, the ability to draw on and capture data, how CST Cerner will improve quality and consistency of care, and more.

"The opportunity to provide better patient care is so significant that it's a no-brainer. It just has to happen," summarizes Dr. JJ Sidhu, Department Head & Medical Director, Mental Health & Substance Use, Vancouver Acute, Tertiary & Urgent Services.