VIDEO: This is why: Dr. George Isac on the benefits of CST Cerner

​With Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) and approximately 50 priority clinics slated for a November go-live, Dr. Isac reflects on the impact the new clinical information system will have.

"Closed loop medication management (CLMM) will help with patient safety by ensuring that the right drugs are delivered in a timely fashion to the right patients," explains Dr. George Isac, anesthesiologist, VGH. "It is really the complete system behind the ordering of a medication, the preparation and delivery of that medication back to the patient in a way that's comprehensive, complete and has all of the inherent safety checks along the way."

Closed loop medication management is a fully electronic medication management process. With seamless documentation and standardized checkpoints, it helps care teams reduce errors and adverse events due to medication administration.

This increase to patient safety is one of several benefits of CST Cerner that Dr. Isac shares in this short video.

"In our current system, we often at the point of care, in emergencies, don't have the ability to access important information about patients' previous code statuses, and in fact, why those decisions were made and by whom, under what circumstances," he explains. "In the new system, having access to all of the information immediately, will be able to provide providers and clinicians with that vital information to make important decisions in the moment. So they're not having to make assumptions and guesses in a time of crisis."

Watch the full video to hear more benefits from Dr. Isac, including the ability to access patient medical records from any location, at any time.

"It will result in improved care for our patients, which is ultimately what we all want." - Dr. George Isac, anesthesiologist, VGH