VIDEO: This is why: Lara Martin, Advanced Practice Physiotherapist, on the benefits of CST Cerner

After working with CST Cerner at Lions Gate Hospital, Lara Martin, Advanced Practice Physiotherapist, Arthritis Surgical Assessment Program (ASAP), VCH, has experienced how transformational the clinical information system can be. In this video, she describes why she is looking forward to the go-live at VGH, which is slated for fall 2022.

"At VGH where we don't have CST Cerner, I noticed that charting, finding information and also communicating with other members of the health care team takes a lot more time," she explains. "CST Cerner makes charting so much easier for us. We can just fill in the pertinent information that's unique to each patient, and then when we sign the note it automatically gets sent to the referring doctor and to the family physician and the appropriate surgeon all at once with one or two clicks."

Lara also shares how this improvement in the quality and consistency of care is not only beneficial to health care professionals, but how it supports a positive patient experience.

"From their first point of contact with us in the ASAP program, every person along the continuum of care can see every report that's been generated for that patient. It helps to streamline their care and they also feel like people that they're working with, people on their health care team, already know what's going on with them, which helps to build trust and confidence too."

"It's going to give patients more time with their health care providers and I think overall it's just going to improve the quality of their care." - Lara Martin

Watch the full video to hear Lara Martin share more benefits of CST Cerner, including how it can increase face time with patients.