VIDEO: This is why: Morgan Chow on the benefits of CST Cerner

Watch Morgan Chow, RN, Cardiac Services, VGH share some of the reasons why we’re moving from paper charts and outdated systems to CST Cerner, including: The ability to share the same chart and access it from any workstation, receive automatic flags for new orders and eliminate the need to decipher handwriting.

"My first experience with CST Cerner was as a nursing student at Lions Gate Hospital. There was about a two-year gap between me using it as a student and then me using it at BC Children's Hospital as a peer mentor. In the two-year interim when I was not using CST Cerner and I was going back to paper charting, I felt that it was just a lot slower, everything took a lot longer," she expalins. 

"One of the things I'm looking forward to with implementing CST Cerner at Vancouver General Hospital is the ability to have the chart front and center at all times," Chow continues. "There won't be any chasing of charts anymore because you can access it from any workstation. All of the team will be able to share the same chart."

"[With CST Cerner,] it takes that time that we would normally spend searching for charts or trying to hunt down team members for orders and it gives it back to us to use with the patient." - Morgan Chow, RN, Cardiac Services, Vancouver General Hospital