This is why: Dr. Alain Gagnon on the benefits of CST Cerner


Dr. Alain Gagnon, CMIO for PHSA and obstetrics & gynaecology physician at C&W, explains the benefits of moving from paper charts and CW Cerner to CST Cerner. 

"From a safety point of view, the closed loop medication management, which as we say at the project means from brain to vein, essentially from my brain placing the order to the medication being administered to the patient, there's safety check at every step of the way, which means they are likely to get the medication that I ordered, in the dose that I ordered, at the time that it's meant to be." Dr. Gagnon explains. 

"Pieces of paper are very reliable --- if you find them," Dr. Gagnon says with a smile. "That’s going to be a big advantage for multiple people to be able to have access to the chart from wherever they are."

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