This is why: Dr. Jonathan Wong on the benefits of CST Cerner


C&W is moving from CW Cerner and paper charts to CST Cerner. Dr. Jonathan Wong, C&W CST provider lead, provider engagement, shares his outlook on this impactful transformation. 

"I'm really excited to see CST Cerner go-live," says Dr. Wong. "It's like going from DOS in the computer world, to Windows or Mac OS," he adds with a smile.

When asked about the benefits that CST Cerner will bring, Dr. Wong speaks to increased patient safety through computerized provider order entry, saying it will "fundamentally change" the way providers practice. He also notes that "we do all our orders, all our notes on pieces of paper. People have different handwriting skills, people practice slightly differently in terms of the order sets they use; CPOE really helps us to improve our consistency of practice to ensure that we're consistent not only in what we write down for medication orders, but also that communication piece between providers between other allied health."

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