This is why: Nicole Chard, NICU RN, on the benefits of CST Cerner


After working for three and a half years at Mount Sinai in Toronto, where she used a Cerner program similar to CST Cerner, Nicole Chard, NICU RN at BC Women's Hospital + Health Centre, shares her thoughts on the transformation from paper charts and CW Cerner to CST Cerner.

“Coming [to C&W] where everything was on paper was a bit of an adjustment and just made me realize how important computerized charting is for patient safety,” Nicole explains. 

"In the NICU, babies can't really describe to us how they're feeling so we really rely on trends to see what's going on in their status. If there's any changes in their baseline, being able to see all that information at the click of a button is really helpful."

"Medication administration is the biggest thing with [CST] Cerner. You can automatically click that you've administered it, which will be really beneficial to us to make sure that there's no repetition in medications, or if there's any dose discrepancies Cerner will kind of prompt us to say, "Hey, there's something wrong here maybe give it a double check"."

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