Technical teams

Teams of highly-skilled, multi-disciplinary professionals from across VCH, PHSA and PHC are working to configure the new clinical information system and ensure that we have the necessary technical infrastructure in place.

Clinical Report Distribution
This team is responsible for ensuring the efficient and secure delivery of clinical reports to clinicians who are not users of the new clinical information system, as well as making select reports available to patients. The Clinical & Systems Transformation project is building upon the current electronic distribution channel. We will make more detailed information available than is found in the current reports, as well as expanding the content that is delivered electronically. VCH, PHSA and PHC have partnered with Excelleris to distribute results electronically to any clinician in the province, including delivery to all the EMRs used by physicians in their own clinics. The team is working closely with the Ministry of Health and other health authorities to develop and adopt provincial standards for our delivery, to provide consistency across British Columbia.


Data Analytics
This team is comprised of technical and business professionals from the Decision Support and Performance Measurement and Reporting departments across VCH, PHSA and PHC. The CST Data Analytics team is responsible for delivering shared analytical and reporting solutions that support evidence-based practice and continuous clinical improvement. This work will provide capabilities for exporting, storing, and transforming health data for analytical use through a shared data solution.
Data Legacy
This team is made up of developers, business analysts, and solution and enterprise architects from across VCH, PHSA and PHC. The team designs the technical solution to make legacy data accessible in the new clinical information system. This involves gathering business requirements, building the capabilities and ensuring that relevant historical clinical patient data is accessible and readily available to our health care professionals.
Data Remediation
This team is made up of Health Information Management business analysts and Data Quality staff representing VCH, PHSA and PHC. The team's scope of work is to remediate discrepant/incomplete client records, in seven acute Admit, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) Systems, where the client presented for a visit in the last five years; and to ensure that day-to-day data in the existing system is kept clean.

Data remediation is the process of remediating client identity data (Name, Date of Birth, Gender, PHN, Address, Deceased Date) to ensure the person record is linking to the client's provincial health care identity. The Data Remediation team works closely with the Ministry of Health, which is analyzing data from VCH, PHSA and PHC to identify discrepant and incomplete records. For example there are duplicate client records that should be merged, or incomplete records that require further investigation to establish client identity.    

Before the implementation of CST at each site, the Data Remediation team will submit the client data to the Ministry of Health, to be loaded into the Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI). EMPI will be used to load the data into the CST Cerner clinical information system.


This team empowers end-users to access the new clinical information system with the right device in the right place at the right time, seamlessly and efficiently. Through diligent clinical, business and technical requirements-gathering and analysis, the team designs, creates and verifies a Device List. This list is backed up with robust supporting technologies and sustainable procurement and operations models.

Devices include workstations on wheels, medication delivery carts, barcode scanners, label printers, laser printers, document scanners, tracking boards, tap-and-go readers, and desktop and laptop computers.

The Device Team also provides site assessment and consultation services to help guide purchasing and deployment of devices that align with enterprise future-state workflow, while meeting environmental and budgetary needs.


This team is comprised of multidisciplinary technical professionals from VCH, PHSA and PHC. They are responsible for building out the servers and infrastructure for the new clinical information system in a secure data centre, as well as a backup data centre for disaster recovery. This involves conducting site and facility assessments of existing assets and enhancing them with a new suite of highly available servers, services, technological and medical devices and workstations. The resulting system will be resilient to failures and significantly improve the user logon experience.
This team is made up of developers, integration analysts and business analysts from across VCH, PHSA and PHC. Responsibilities include designing, building and linking all interfaces between the new clinical information system and remaining systems. This includes working with a number of teams to understand the business requirements, develop the specifications, build the interfaces and complete testing. This will allow for effective sharing of clinical information, including patient data, between systems.