The CST Audio Network presents our first audio podcast series.

The Doctors Are In is hosted by Dr. Eric Grafstein, CST Chief Medical Information Officer for VCH/PHC. These candid conversations feature Dr. Grafstein talking to physicians from across Canada about their experiences going live with a new clinical information system.

PILOT: What it was like to go live at North York General Hospital

Dr. Grafstein talks to North York General Hospital's Dr. Phil Shin about his hospital's implementation that began in 2012.

EPISODE 1: Cornwall's go-live experience part 1

Dr. Grafstein discusses Cornwall Community Hospital's go live with their CMIO, Dr. Geoff Heseltine. [Transcript]

EPISODE 2: Cornwall's go-live experience part 2

The two physicians talks about the "valley of despair" and how productivity was affected with a new system. [Transcript]

EPISODE 3: Cornwall's go-live experience part 3

Dr. Heseltine offers some advice for all physicians to help get ready for go-live. [Transcript]

EPISODE 4: Dr. Jeremy Theal's go-live tips for MDs

Dr. Theal, gastroenterologist and chief medical information officer for North York General Hospital, offers tips to physicians working with a new clinical information system. [Transcript]

EPISODE 5: Dr. Eric Grafstein talks about going live at Lions Gate and Squamish hospitals

Dr. Eric Grafstein, Chief Medical Information Officer for the CST project, discusses the support that Lions Gate and Squamish hospital physicians will receive to help them adapt to the initial loss of productivity that they’ll go through during the go-live period. [Transcript]

EPISODE 6: Leading MD asks: Why shouldn’t we just stay on paper? 

Dr. Jeremy Theal returns to talk about why physicians would want to go through the difficult changes that come with moving to a new clinical information system. [Transcript]

EPISODE 7: Why we do it.

In this final installment of a three-part series, Dr. Jeremy Theal talks about how his hospital implemented a clinical information system and the resulting benefits for physicians and patients alike. [Transcript]