Changes for Other Health Professionals

The CST project will transform health care delivery systems and processes to improve the safety, quality and consistency of patient care across VCH, PHSA and PHC. 

Pharmacy, Labs, Medical Imaging, Health Information Management (HIM) and Allied Health professionals will start using CST Cerner when their site goes live and…

Allied Health professionals will: 

  • Access electronic patient records using single sign-on
  • Have workstations on wheels and other new devices they need, tap and go functionality and reliable WiFi
  • Use electronic multi-patient task list tool to create staff lists
  • Review/complete orders, view related results electronically, and receive electronic consults
  • Access the electronic MAR to document medication administration using closed loop process
  • Use a patient summary (mPage) for consistent handover of patient care at shift change/transitions

Health Information Management (HIM) staff from relevant areas will:

  • Scan paper chartlet/documents, excluding residential records, into the electronic patient record
  • Perform quantitative analysis within an electronic patient record
  • Access acute and facility-based clinic’s patient information in one central patient record

Lab Tech professionals/assistants will:

  • Use fewer lab test codes as a result of having a standardized lab order catalogue
  • Activate future orders electronically in order to automatically send lab orders (entered through computerized provider order entry)
  • Receive lab-ready, labelled specimens with accession number included rather than re-labelling (from areas using Sunquest Clinical Collect)

Medical Imaging professionals will:

  • Schedule electronically using CST Cerner to reduce double booking
  • Access the patient chart to view valuable information and history (e.g. allergy documentation) useful in interpreting images
  • Document exam information including technical comments and billing information, radiopharmaceuticals and contrasts electronically
  • Use a standard VPP Exam Dictionary

Pharmacists will:

  • Review and verify medication orders electronically
  • Document clinical pharmacy assessments electronically using PowerChart
  • Conduct perpetual inventory management of medications electronically using supply chain tools