Model system

We learned a great deal in CST’s first design phase, and have paid close attention to feedback from our design teams and subject matter experts

Rather than building a new clinical information system from scratch, we are working with a pre-built prototype system provided by our vendor partner Cerner that is based on global best practices.

This prototype is called the model system. Our design teams are using it as a starting point as they shape our new system to meet the needs of VCH, PHSA and PHC.

This is better than starting from scratch because: 

  • We can see our work as we go during the design/configuration/validation phase of the project.
  • We can provide physicians and staff hands-on demonstrations of the system as it is being built, allowing us to incorporate feedback early in the process.
  • We can use existing features of the model system, instead of re-inventing the wheel.
  • This approach helps us to adopt widely accepted best practice workflows.
  • We can make more judicious and efficient use of everyone’s time.