Information about how training and support will work for sites implementing CST.  

How will staff be supported in the lead-up to implementation?

Preparing staff for the new clinical practices and technology is a significant undertaking.

An Integrated Site Plan will be tailored for each site and will cover what needs to be done before a site goes live with a new clinical information system. To help achieve our goal, we will establish specialized teams to work with and support local staff and teams in the implementation. These teams will develop strategies that include a range of activities to support leaders and their staff through this large-scale transformation project. 

What training materials and resources will be available for staff?

Each target audience will have a tailored education pathway that is guided by the CST Transformational Learning Strategy and Plan.

A variety of education delivery methods will be provided to support these multiple audiences with different learning needs in preparation for go-live and beyond. End-users of the system and those impacted by workflow changes will attend a combination of self-paced online learning sessions and specialized classroom courses. This education will be complemented by hands-on practice with the new clinical information system, both in and out of the classroom.

Learning resources will be made available to all staff, leaders, and end-users. These resources include toolkits, communications resources and education materials.

What will happen if I make a mistake when entering information into the new clinical information system?

The accuracy of a patient’s medical record is taken seriously and is subject to the same legal scrutiny and audit process whether it is paper or electronic.

Within the new clinical information system you will be able to change and edit patient documentation as necessary, just as is done today in the paper record. Once this documentation is saved and signed it will become part of the patient’s record in the same way it is today. The new clinical information system will allow for the record to be edited after it has been saved if an error or additional information needs to be added, and these edits will be attributable to the editor.

We will provide education and ongoing support to ensure that everyone is comfortable using the new technology. This will include training on how to manage and correct errors that are made.

What if I am not good with computers or I can't type?

Implementing the new clinical information system means a shift from paper-based work to a primarily electronic work environment. We understand that this is a major change that may require some staff to seek additional education to increase their comfort and confidence working with computers.

We encourage you to improve your computer skills prior to attending a CST-related education session. Talk to your clinical educator or team leader for more information. More resources, including a computer literacy toolkit will be made available in the future.

Will my job change or be replaced once the Clinical & Systems Transformation project is implemented?

Our collective goal is to improve patient care and make it easier for staff to do their best work across VCH, PHSA and PHC.

We believe that some jobs might change as a result of CST, but we won’t have the full details until system design has been approved, the design of clinical workflows is complete and we have had time to understand and compile the changes that will occur.

Will backfill be provided for staff training?

The Transformational Learning Advisory Group is looking at the requirements for staff coverage and backfill during education periods. We will have more details, including the amount of time required for education, once the plan has been approved.

Technical support

How will we ensure IT processes, including the help desk, are robust enough to support staff throughout the implementation of the CST project?

IMITS and HSSBC are working to review and standardize service level agreements, to ensure that we have robust operational processes and that staff will have access to the support they need.

It takes days for new users to get access to systems – what is the plan for improving this?

We recognize that timely user access to the new clinical information system is critical to its successful implementation and use.

CST is currently involved with several projects and initiatives involved in user access and provisioning across VCH, PHSA and PHC to develop a plan to improve user access processes. This work is currently in progress. More details will be available once this work is complete.

What technical and other support/specialist resources will be available from go-live onwards?

We will develop site-based support plans to help providers and staff navigate the transition.

During the go-live period a full support team will be on the ground to provide “at-the-elbow” support and training as needed at the point of care. The team will be led by local site educators and leaders and supported by a central CST “Command Centre” full of technical and Cerner solution experts to resolve any issues that arise.

We will provide support to staff following the go-live period, which will be outlined in hand-over and sustainability plans. New staff will be introduced to the clinical information system through standardized education. CST is working collaboratively with VCH, PHSA and PHC and key partners to ensure this ongoing assistance meets your needs.

Will support be available 24 hours a day?

Dedicated super users and technical support will be available 24/7 during the go-live period at your site. A dedicated 24-hour phone line will be available for you to get questions answered, report issues or request in-person support and training in real time. The duration for 24/7 support will be determined in collaboration with site leadership and staff/provider needs.