Information about how training and support will work for sites implementing CST.  

How will staff be supported in the lead-up to implementation?

Preparing staff for the new clinical practices and technology is a significant undertaking.

An Integrated Site Plan will be tailored for each site and will cover what needs to be done before a site goes live with a new clinical information system. To help achieve our goal, we will establish specialized teams to work with and support local staff in the implementation. These teams will develop strategies that include a range of activities to support leaders and their staff through this large-scale transformation project. 

What training materials and resources will be available for staff?

A variety of education delivery methods will be provided to support health care professionals with different learning needs in preparation for go-live and beyond. End-users of the system and those impacted by workflow changes will attend a combination of self-paced online learning sessions and specialized classroom courses. This education will be complemented by hands-on practice with the new clinical information system, both in and out of the classroom.

Learning resources will be made available to all staff, leaders, and end-users. These resources include toolkits, communications resources and education materials. After the system goes live, ongoing education and support will also be provided to ensure that everyone is comfortable using the new technology.